MOREthan Estates are specialists in the letting of residential & commercial property and offer a first class service for all types of landlords from individuals with one or two properties to landlords with large multiple property portfolios. Our knowledge and experience of the lettings market helps us  offer not only excellent advice on local trends and legislation, but also offer personal approach with some more creative ideas to make sure properties are let as quick as possible and also receive the best returns on your investment.

Why Pick  MOREthan?

Independent More personal service, better advice,

We can tailor a service to suit your needs.
Knowledgeable – from Manchester, know the areas, worked in property with over 20 years experience and have seen good times and bad times in the property market.
Web Presence will advertise your property not just on our website but other major property portals , Social Media and our mobile app give us a better chance of interacting with clients at times to suit them as opposed to office orientated agents relying on people walking in.


FREE eye catching For Sale and To Let boards.

Evening and Weekend Appointments
To suit your viewers and accommodate them as much as possible.

Investment Property Specialists – We know the area, we know the owners and we know the market.

We can provide tenancy agreements and guarantor forms for prospective tenants along with ID

No success no fee
If we don’t rent your property then we don’t charge a fee, unless agreed.

Negotiate Tenancy Terms
Once we have found a suitable tenant we will always work on your behalf to ensure the best possible terms are agreed in terms of the level of rent and the length of the initial tenancy.

Referencing & Guarantors
The type of referencing we use varies for student and professional lets:
• Students will be required to provide a parental guarantor and a reference from their previous landlord can be obtained upon request.
• Professionals are required to provide where possible a previous landlord reference, a current employment reference, a suitable credit reference check. If these checks are returned as unsuitable then a guarantor may be requested.

Preparation of tenancy agreements
A tenancy agreement will be created for your protection. You should familiarise yourself with this document and its contents for future reference. If you are unsure of any part of its contents then it is always advised that you take independent legal advise. Should you wish to use your own tenancy agreement or documentation then a charge
may be applied for any involvement we have in overseeing this.

Prepare Standing Order/Cheques
To ensure that prompt payments are made to yourself we will ensure that tenants are notified to
set up and provide proof of a standing order mandate. Where this is deemed not suitable then it may be possible to accept payments by post dated cheque.

Additional Services
Whilst you may be looking to manage the property and the tenants yourself, at MOREthan Estates we understand there will be times when you cannot be everywhere at once! So why not let us provide you and your tenants with an efficient and reliable Holiday Cover service.
We can offer you and your tenants;
• Emergency telephone number
• Reputable contractor

Ideas to help market your property:

  1. Tidy Up – Make sure you’ve had a good tidy around.
  2. De-Clutter – Try to make the rooms look as big and spacious as possible.
  3. Remove Pets! – Don’t give someone the excuse if they’re not keen on animals.
  4. Clean It! – Don’t leave the washing up in the kitchen sink.
  5. Rearrage – Lay rooms out to show their full potential.
  6. Brighten The Room – Turn lights on and open the curtains.
  7. Coffee & Fresh Bread – The smells really works
  8. Keep the colours in the property neutral.
  9. Keep the colours in the property neutral.
  10. Gardens must be kept maintained (when a tenant occupies the property, the maintenance of the garden becomes their responsibility).
  11. Keep the equipment provided and furnishings as contemporary as possible (can still basic).
  12. Check for any grouting issues in places such as the bathroom. Any mould issues here can really effect a prospective tenant’s decision to rent the property.
  13. If the property is a flat with a communal entrance and hallway, make sure that for the benefit of all tenants that this area is kept tidy and clear of debris at all times.
  14. Double glazing and gas central heating is another popular feature amongst prospective tenants.
    In general, try to find and rectify any damages around the property that can be easily seen or experienced.




If you are carrying out right to rent checks, there is a checklist for you to hold for your records. Landlords can arrange for us to carry out checks on their behalf if a written agreement exists between them.

Detailed information on all of the Right to Rent scheme is available in our Code of Practice.

Landlords who let private property in England, or take in lodgers could be liable for a civil penalty if they enter into a tenancy agreement involving an illegal migrant. If a landlord makes the checks and retains copies as required they will have a statutory excuse against such a penalty.

Landlords and agents should apply the right to rent checks in a fair, justifiable and consistent manner, regardless as to whether they believe the prospective tenant to be British, settled or a person with limited permission to be in the UK. More information on avoiding discrimination is available here.

From 1 December, landlords in England could be charged with a criminal offence if they know, or have reasonable cause to believe, that they are letting to an illegal migrant.

How to make a Right to Rent check

1. Obtain a tenant’s original acceptable documents that allow them to live in the UK

2. Check the documents with the tenant present

3. Copy and keep the copied documents on le and record the date of the check

You can find more information about the scheme at

If a prospective tenant says they have already contacted the Home Of ce

If your prospective tenant has an ongoing application or appeal with the Home Of ce; or their documents are with the Home Of ce; or if they state that they have permission to rent from the Home Office, please use this form to check if they can rent and you will receive a response from the Home Office within two days.

Available documents

  • Group 1 documents in List A permit the holder permanent right to rent in the UK.
  • Group 2 documents in List A must be shown in a combination of two.
  • Documents in List B permit the holder to a time-limited right to rent in the UK. Click on the following images for more information.List A (Group 1): Acceptable single documents which show an unlimited right to rent
  • UK passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit with unlimited leave
  • EEA/Swiss national passport/identity card
  • Passport or travel document endorsed with unlimited leave
  • Registration Certi cate or document certifying permanent residence of EEA/Swiss national
  • UK immigration status document endorsed with unlimited leave
  • EEA/Swiss family member Permanent Residence card
  • A certificate of naturalisation or registration as a British citizen

List A (Group 2): Acceptable document combinations which show an unlimited right to rent (any 2 of the below to be shown in combination)

  • UK birth or adoption certi cate
  • A letter from National Offender Management Service
  • A letter of attestation from an employer
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Full or provisional UK driving license
  • Evidence of current or previous service in UK armed forces
  • A letter from a UK further or higher education institution
  • A letter from HM Prison Service
  • A letter from a police force confirming that certain documents have been reported stolen
  • A letter of attestation from a UK passport holder working in an acceptable profession
  • A letter from a UK Government Department or Local Authority
  • A letter from a private rented sector access scheme
  • Benefits paperwork

List B: Documents which show a time-limited right to rent

  • A valid passport endorsed with a time-limited period
  • Biometric immigration document with permission to stay for time-limited period
  • Non-EEA national residence card
  • UK immigration status document with a time- limited endorsement from Home Office